MPact & Retail

When it comes to customer service, your shoppers are on a quest for the best.

Today’s shoppers value service above all — in fact, an overwhelming 86 percent1 of today’s shoppers are willing to pay more for goods for a better customer experience. In order to earn a sale and a loyal customer, you’ll need to deliver service with a difference. And with MPact from Zebra Technologies, you will.

Now, you can deliver the ultimate personalized shopping experience through the one device your shoppers always have in hand — their personal smartphone. You’ll know who is in your store and where they are, allowing you to automatically take the right action at the right time for every shopper on every trip through your store. Send a personal greeting when customers walk in. Send a special offer for an item a customer stops to consider. Provide step-by-step instructions to locate an item. And much more. The result?

Larger baskets. More satisfied customers. And more repeat visits.

How will MPact help you deliver a better shopping experience in your store?

  • 1

    Deliver a personal greeting

    You can instantly identify customers entering your store and send a personal greeting to their smartphone.

  • 2

    Deliver coupons – no more clipping!

    When a customer walks through your door, you can instantly send coupons for the specials of the week as well as for products based on past buying history — no more paper coupons to collect and manage.

  • 3

    Deliver special offers based on dwell times

    When a customer stops to consider an item — from a bottle of wine to a flat screen TV — you can automatically send a special offer to help entice shoppers to purchase.

  • 4

    Provide a real-time item finder

    Customers can browse through your loyalty app to locate a product they want to find, and simply press one button to get instant step-by-step directions, right to the item.

  • 5

    Provide access to product information

    When a customer stops in front of a product, you can present them with detailed product information, reviews, price comparisons and even a discount coupon.

  • 6

    Proactive customer service

    Prompt sales associates to tend to customers in need, based on dwell time.


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How will your shoppers benefit from MPact? Your customers will experience the very best in service, on every visit.
Your customers will save money on the items they want to buy.
Your customers will save time — no coupon clipping, no long waits for assistance, no searching through the store to locate items.
How will your retail store benefit from MPact? More repeat customers — increased loyalty through better service.
Bigger baskets through targeted and timely 1-to-1 special offers.
Increased associate effectiveness — send timely location-based notifications to associates that drive sales and improve service. For example, you can send an associate to assist a customer who has been lingering by a large ticket item or prompt an associate to let a customer know that an item is on sale
Increased operational efficiency – visibility into real-time and historical motion paths, traffic patterns and dwell times enables more efficient deployment of staff

The Heart of MPact — the Right Analytics At the Right Time

MPact’s Locationing and Analytics cloud-ready software can store aggregated location data from Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Smart for millions of customers providing visibility into trends that can help you fine tune store layout and inventory mix, improve the success of your promotions, better staff for peak periods and much more.

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