MPact & Quick Service Restaurants

Take the service experience to the next level in your Quick Serve Restaurant.

In the quick service world, every guest who walks into your restaurant or pulls into the drive-thru has the same expectation: to get in and get out fast. Time is of the essence, yet fast food meals and orders are becoming more complex. While upselling increases revenue, it also increases order size and prep times. And peak times always present a challenge. The result? Time spent waiting in line is increasing — along with walk-aways, drive-aways and lost revenues.

Now, you can address all those issue and more with the MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing from Zebra Technologies. MPact lets you engage with your guests through the one device they always have in hand — their personal mobile phone. You can send a personal greeting the moment your guests pull into your parking lot. Invite guests to order and pay on their mobile phone. Present add-on items such as dessert or past favorites that are not on the current order. And more. The result? No more need to wait in line, decreasing wait times for everyone. More satisfied guest. More repeat visits, And larger orders.

MPact — the easy way to increase sales and guest satisfaction in your quick serve restaurant.

How will MPact help you deliver a better dining experience in your quick service restaurant?

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    Greet customers by name as they enter the restaurant. Automatically send a personal greeting the moment a guest arrives, along with any special offers that can be tailored for guests based on past purchases.

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    Eliminate the drive-through line and deliver faster service with mobile pre-ordering. When customers order and pay through your loyalty app while at home, work or en route to your restaurant, they can simply pull into a parking space when they arrive. The ability to present prior orders for easier ordering, personalized coupons and new and complementary items makes ordering easier and boosts order size. And since MPact can alert you the moment a guest arrives, along with where the guest is parked, runners can deliver the right order to the right car, right away. The result? Faster service. Shorter drive-through lines. And increased revenues.

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    Completely eliminate waiting in line with mobile ordering — right from the table. Invite guests to take a seat and order and pay right from the table through their smartphone — no need to stand in the line at the register. You can present past orders to make ordering fast and easy. You can suggest a new item, complementary items or items that guests have ordered in the past that are not on the current order — such as drinks or dessert.

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    Encourage customer feedback on every visit. While it’s typically difficult for you to get feedback from your customers, MPact makes it easy. Once customers leave the restaurant, they can receive a personalized good-bye, a request for feedback and an incentive — to participate in your guest survey — a mobile coupon for a discount on the next visit.


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How will your restaurant benefit from MPact?

The Heart of MPact — the Right Analytics At the Right Time

MPact’s Locationing and Analytics cloud-ready software can store aggregated location data from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart for millions of guests, providing visibility into trends that can help you further improve service and the success of your promotions, ensure proper staffing at all times, reduce guest wait time and much more.


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