MPact & Hotels

Make every guest feel like a VIP, every minute of every stay.

In the hotel industry, earning a repeat customer is all about the quality of the guest experience. You need to deliver the ultimate in personalized service — ready to meet every service need your guests have, at any moment, no matter where they are in your facility. And with MPact, you can.

MPact lets you engage with your guests through the same device they use to stay connected to their world — their mobile phone. Send a personalized greeting the moment your customers pull into your parking lot. Enable guests to check in as they walk through your front door, complete with a mobile room key — all with a few presses on the screen of their mobile phone. Send coupons for discounts when guests are near a favorite restaurant or the spa. Automatically provide step-by-step GPS-style directions to the pool or the next conference breakout session. And much more — all on the one device your guests always have in the palm of their hand. The result? A new level of service. Increased loyalty. More repeat stays. And more revenue per guest.

MPact – the easy, cost-effective way to deliver the ultimate guest experience in your hotel.

How will MPact help you deliver the ultimate guest experience at the right time in your facility?

From the moment guests arrive to the moment they leave, MPact can help you cater instantly to virtually every guest need. With visibility into the whereabouts of your guests, you can anticipate their needs before they even have a chance to ask. And with visibility into the whereabouts of your staff, you can respond faster than ever to guest requests.

  • 1

    Personally Greet Every Customer.

    Send a personal greeting to a guest’s mobile phone when they drive into the parking lot. And since you can spot your best customers when they arrive, you can send a staff member to extend a warm in-person welcome.

  • 2

    Enable Instant Check-in – No Waiting In Line

    Invite your guests to check in, upgrade their room, order special services and receive an electronic room key, all with just a few key presses on their mobile — no need to wait in line at the front desk.

  • 3

    Send Timely Special Offers Based on Guest Location and Preferences

    Guests passing by your restaurant can receive a personalized ‘welcome back’ message along with a discount coupon for dinner, while guests walking past the spa can receive a special discount on spa services to help sell open spots in today’s schedule.

  • 4

    Provide Step-by-Step Directions Anywhere in Your Hotel

    Whether your guests are looking for the pool, a specific meeting room or the business center, you can provide convenient step-by-step GPS-style directions via the fastest route to their destination.

  • 5

    Pamper guests when they return to their rooms.

    When guests enter their room at night, you can invite them to schedule a wake-up call or pre-order breakfast for the next morning, all with a few key presses on their mobile phone.

  • 6

    Customize the guest room environment with guest preferences — automatically.

    When guest walk into their rooms, you can automatically turn on the lights, set the thermostat to each guest’s preferences and more — and then return to energy saving settings when they leave the room.

  • 7

    Provide superior services for conference hosts — and their attendees.

    Send event attendees a personal welcome message when they arrive, along with their agenda. During the conference, send agenda updates and step-by-step directions to the next meeting room. And you can give your conference hosts a real differentiator — visibility into MPact’s rich analytical data allows hosts to better manage the conference in real time, and better plan and market future conferences.

  • 8

    Respond faster to guest requests.

    When a guest needs a light bulb changed, the mini-bar restocked, more towels or a leaky faucet repaired, hotel managers can instantly locate and send the closest associate to tend to the task.

  • 9

    Verify that guest requests were fulfilled.

    When you send an associate to fulfill a service request, you need to know when the task is complete. With MPact, managers no longer need to simply hope timely service was provided. Now, they can see when housekeepers enter and exit a guest room to perform service and maintenance engineers perform routine maintenance on the many hotel systems.

  • 10

    Improve hotel staff safety.

    You can give workers an electronic panic button on their mobile devices that can instantly and automatically alert security personnel, along with the exact location of the person who requested help.


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How will MPact benefit your guests — and your operations?

The Heart of MPact — the Right Analytics At the Right Time

MPact’s Locationing and Analytics cloud-ready software can store aggregated location data from Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Smart for millions of guests, providing visibility into trends that can help you continually improve the guest experience.

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